What Clients Are Saying

"Mary Kay Sheets has been more than an infusion of optimism, she has also been an amazing and intentional unique expression of partnership that has businesses work with velocity and integrity. She identifies what's missing and then enhances and aligns what is working and already in existence. She has a sweet rigor, and is generous in her complements and enthusiasm. If you are looking for strategic guidance, genuine enthusiasm, and business insight, then I would not hesitate hire Mary Kay Sheets."

—Chris Trammell – President of the Catalyst Group International.

"Mary Kay Sheets is committed to full engagement. To all who know her she epitomizes the quintessential "go-to" woman; someone you know you can count on her to over-deliver on her commitments. She provides compassionate service, wise counsel and generous support, all expressed with her delightful charisma and sense of humor. As owner of an award-winning firm promoting emotional intelligence, and a columnist in a national Women's Journal, I recognize Mary Kay Sheets as an exceptional leader. I have served under her direction on the ESPW board (Encouraging Supporting and Promoting Women), worked beside her in a team of professional women business owners and hired her to help me develop my business in 2003-2004. Mary Kay Sheets could not be a better colleague, service provider or friend."

—Judy Ryan, hired Mary Kay as a Business Consultant in 2003

"Mary Kay Sheets is one of the most talented, knowledgeable, committed, sincere, trustworthy, dependable, reliable person I know. She has been successful in everything she has done. She is driven to succeed for her clients. I have watched her perform seemingly unattainable results. I highly recommend Mary Kay for any job. She would make a good president of the United States. She has been president of many organizations and Company's.

—Tessa Greenspan Former President, CEO Sappington Farmers Market

"Mary Kay is an excellent source for getting your business moving in the right direction with the utmost efficiency. We have been very pleased with her guidance while overhauling our landscape construction company (trust me, it has been no small feat). We are very grateful for Mary Kay's persistent efforts to keep up moving forward at a pace that works for us.

—Cara Shrum, hired Mary Kay as a Business Consultant in 2010

"Working with Mary Kay is a privilege. Her leadership qualities especially become apparent when things get tough. When a joint investment became difficult she kept our mission alive by sharing her vision, actively searching for solutions and offering words of encouragements. Mary Kay has a vast knowledge of investing and everything that goes along with it, e.g. contract law, patent law etc. I look forward to continue working with her."

—Birgit Von Nida, Self-Employed, International Sales Consultant

"I highly recommend working with Mary Kay if you want to grow your company...in particular through the use of online technology. She is highly motivated to get the most out of people...as evidenced by her work with ESPW.org...which was one of the projects we worked on together. It's always a rewarding pleasure to work with people of such positive and professional caliber as Mary Kay Sheets."

—Dave Meintrup Estate-Prep.com and Asynertech.com"

"Mary Kay has this amazing ability to help her clients clear away the unnecessary and focus on the essential. Her business advice is top-notch. One of my favorite traits in Mary Kay is her willingness to combine business with heart-felt concern for those around her. Competition doesn't exist in her world; she constantly strives to seek win-win solutions for everyone involved. This attitude is a refreshing twist, and we are lucky to have someone like Mary Kay to improve the business world for everyone she reaches."

—Julie Hood, Owner, InfoMarketingOnline.com

"Mary Kay is an exceptional leader who leads people to be their best and to do their best. She is very goal orientated, driven, business minded, and passionate about what she does and loves to help people discover their talents and to set attainable goals. Her strength is to find the strength in others and help them move forward, When Mary Kay sets her mind to something she always accomplishes whatever it is she set her mind to do. I worked with her for a Non-For-Profit gala which didn't hold much promise , we had to raise a large sum of money to keep the organization going and to get 100's of people to attend with 4 weeks to do it. With Mary Kay's optimism and tenacity we did it plus some! I am honored to have worked alongside Mary Kay many times and would do so again and again."

—Gina Keeven, Owner, Choices Catering Brokerage

"I have known Mary Kay for over 10 years. She is the ultimate connector, very professional, high energy, creative and genuine. She can walk circles around many and is very organizational. I have watched her start up a group that will make a difference in people's lives, help to make it grow quickly and provide all the workings to make it successful. Mary Kay will be the missing link that you will need."

—Marilyn Westenberger, Insurance Account Rep, State Farm Insurance - Kathy Kilo Peterson Agency

"Mary Kay is a natural strategic business mentor. We were trying to provide too many services, so she helped us to focus in on our strengths, identify our target market, and follow through on our business model. This direction has not only increased our business, but increased our client satisfaction as well. We look forward to working with her on a continuing basis

—Dawn Cassara, President, OneBox Technology

"Mary Kay Sheets has given me the tools to strategically build a solid business plan to focus on my goals and achieve success. Mary Kay is a genius with collaboration and business branding. She found my strengths and helped me with my weaknesses. Mary Kay is someone you can trust to have you and your business in their best interest. Thank you Mary Kay"

—Kelley Lamm, hired Mary Kay as a Career Coach in 2009

"Mary Kay Sheets is creative, professional and dependable. With a strong track record of entrepreneurial development and business acumen, she is well positioned to advise those who need assistance with business strategies. Her experience with many types of business structures and promotional techniques allows her to customize solutions for clients' needs. II highly recommend Mary Kay as a business mentor and strategist!"

—Connie Mitchell, Owner, The Write Image