Let's Get Personal:


Rethink Inc. is an innovative hands-on business development firm that is all about helping emerging entrepreneurs make their unique mark on the world.  We exist to share our hard earned business experience, expertise and resources in order to make your journey to success a whole lot quicker and a little less painful.  

Our ultimate dream is to make every business we touch a thriving, impactful and profitable endeavor and every entrepreneur we advise a more confident, effective and fulfilled business owner who is working proactively from their brilliance.

We exist to help passionate entrepreneurs build sustainable, scalable and profitable businesses … and still have a life.    
OUR VALUE PROPOSITION -  “Rethink Inc – Where you ‘rethink’ how you do business.” 
OUR CORE VALUE:      Always Be in Service First
Own Your Worth & Others As Well
Look to What’s Next versus What’s Now
Always Walk Your Talk in Honesty & Integrity
Demand Excellence in Everything You Do and Touch
Acknowledge, Value & Work within an Individual’s Brilliance
Collaborative, Transparent and Pioneering Partnering is a Must
Thought Leadership – Forward Thinking and Out of the Box Seeking
Constantly Seek More Knowledge & New Ways to Apply your Brilliance
Failure is NOT an Option… it’s an opportunity to learn and see a better path