Get Funded (Re-Fund)

Have a Business Dream?
Have a Plan to reach that Dream?
Don't know how to Fund that Dream?
Don't know who or where to Pitch your Dream?

Well it's our dream here at rethink inc to help you fulfill your business dream.

So if you haven't discovered your dream yet we can help. We have resources and access to certified dream coaches that can help you uncover your business dream.

If you already have a business dream but need a plan of action. We can jump in here with our online build development process and workspace.

If you already have a business plan and strategy mapped out but need funding to get started … guess what we can help there too! We can educate you on your funding option and even assist you in preparing your funding pitch and required documents.

If you are all ready to pitch to investors great! Let's get you in front of them through our online Pitch Pit TM where we arrange for you to deliver you investment pitch to a panel of angel and venture capital investors.

It will all be here soon! Check back for Phase III of our development and apply to participate in our first Pitch Pit!