Something has to give.

You love running your own business. The work. The excitement of your idea. The satisfaction of seeing your own work completed.

But running a business is eating you alive. Your time, money and energy. Your business is consuming it all so much so that you never have a chance to work on your business because you are constantly in it.

Something has to give.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to make a choice between your life and your business. You can have them both. And enjoy them both.

But you have to get on top of your business first. I’m here to help you do that.

I’m here to help you:

  1. Calm the day-to-day with simple step-by-step process
  2. How to focus your where you need to focus your brilliance
  3. where you are at in the business development sequence
  4. what foundational challenges need to be addressed in your business model
  5. how to build team to address those challenges as well as how to operate and fund your business until it is sustainable, scaleable and profitable

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