Strategic Business Development is a MUST.

Strategic Business Development is a MUST for all entrepreneur and small business owners.  At minimum your team should set business foundational Objectives and goals annually in these four categories:

  1. Financial Objectives
  2. Customer & Sales Objectives
  3. System & Operational Objectives
  4. Team Development & Company Culture Objectives

Often solo-preneurs feel this process is not necessary because the are a one person show and already know what they are after.  However, I must remind entrepreneurs and business owners that a SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE business in never a one person show.  Even Solopreneurs have mentors, advisors, administrators, legal advisors, insurance agents, accountants and ofter other outsourced team players that need to know and understand your company’s objectives and timelines.

Part II on setting your Objectives and assigning them resources in a set timeline will be coming next … stay tuned!

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